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Professional Commercial Roof Coating and Waterproofing Services in North Georgia

Instead of paying for roof replacements, many businesses choose roof coating to add a few more years to the roof structure. Roof coating works well because it gives your roof a new layer of protection. It also transforms the roof’s aesthetic appeal and, by extension, the property. At Flat Roof Group, Inc., we’ve honed our roof coating skills for more than two decades. We know the perfect material to use. We complete all coating application projects to the highest possible standards. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Advantages of Roof Coating and Waterproofing

Your commercial roofing systems can gain several advantages with professional roof coating, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Since roof coatings go onto an existing roof with minimal removal, you’ll save money on labor costs and landfill fees. Additionally, there’s no loss of revenue during the project window.
  • Temperature control. Roof coatings can significantly reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 60°F. This will reduce the strain on your cooling systems in the summer. Conversely, the heat will stay in during the winter.
  • Improved lifespan. A good roof coating job can increase the lifespan of your unit by an extra ten years.

Work with experienced roofing contractors to bring these benefits to your business!

Our Commercial Roof Coating Process

At Flat Roof Group, Inc., we have a simple process for applying roof coating to commercial properties. All projects start with an inspection where we evaluate the roof. If there are any obvious repair jobs, we’ll include them as a part of the estimate. On the day of the coating application, we’ll clean the roof surface with pressure washing. We will apply the coating material once the surface is ready. The types of coating we can provide include:

  • Silicone roof coating
  • Reflective roof coating
  • Acrylic roof coating
  • Elastomeric roof coating

Comprehensive Commercial Roof Coating Service for You

Improve the efficiency of your business with commercial roof coating services by the experts at Flat Roof Group, Inc. We have years of experience serving commercial roofing customers in and around Ringgold. Contact Flat Roof Group, Inc., for your roof coating project today. We are a leading name in commercial roofing services in Ringgold, GA. Call (678) 334-9034 for your free estimate.

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